move + play

a unique blend of movement, stories and games that cultivate a playful mind and body.

Our Classes

move + play


(group class ages 5-7)

Through movement, stories and games children will develop a greater awareness of their body, and how it is made to move. Together we will look at the structure and movement of different body parts. What would it feel like to explore your hand and how it moves while drawing on a giant piece of paper? Or what would it be like to play with a big parachute to investigate how the diaphragm works in breathing? In this way, children will learn an accurate understanding of anatomy and how both thoughts and language can affect our movement quality. We encourage a playful mind + body which enhances creative, physical and social abilities…while having a silly good time!

move + play

children + parents

(group class ages 5-7)

Through the shared experience of movement, stories and games children and parents will have an increased awareness of their bodies and how they move. In each class we will explore the relationship, structure and function of different body parts and how moving can be easy and effortless. What can a slinky tell you about your spine? How can a feather and a bean bag teach us about balance? The benefit of the child + parent class is together you will mirror to each other an accurate and playful movement quality that can be integrated into your daily life. Come let your body play, get your wiggles and your giggles out!


Inspired by their own children, Elizabeth and Sophia have come together to create a class to help children and their grownups find more comfort and ease in everyday life through the magic of PLAY!

Sophia Jackson

Sophia Jackson is an AMSAT certified Alexander Technique teacher. She has worked with acting students at NYU Acting Program and HB Acting Studios in NYC. She teaches private lessons in and around Beacon, NY. Sophia is passionate about play, because it gives you a chance to experience a stress-less state of being, to practice what we know, and discover something new!

Elizabeth Castagna

Elizabeth Castagna is an ATI certified Alexander Technique teacher who teaches group and private lessons in the Hudson Valley and in New York City. Elizabeth is grateful for being a teacher of the Alexander Technique as this work continues to nurture her sense of wonder about how we move during the various stages our lives.

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